Lauren Thompson

Little Quack Series

Illustrated by Derek Anderson
Simon and Schuster Books for Young Readers
Little Quack enjoys first experiences of bravery, friendship, silliness, and comfort with his duckling siblings! Ages 3 to 6.

Little Quack (2003) One by one, Little Quack’s brothers and sisters, Widdle, Waddle, Piddle, and Puddle, find the courage to leave the nest. Will Little Quack be just brave enough? A New York Times Bestseller

Little Quack’s Hide and Seek (2004) Little Quack is the last to find a hiding place, but it turns out to be the best of all!

Little Quack’s Bedtime (2005) Unfamiliar sights and sounds keep Little Quack and the other ducklings awake, but Mama’s reassurance sends them happily off to sleep. Gold Award, Oppenheim Book and Toy Portfolio

Little Quack’s New Friend (2006) Little Ribbet is small, green, can’t quack, and he’s a FROG! But like the ducklings, he loves to play, and that makes him a great friend.

Little Quack Early Learning Books

Little Quack Counts (2009)
Little Quack and Widdle in a counting adventure!
Little Quack’s Colors (2009)
Little Quack and Piddle in a colorful adventure!
Little Quack’s ABC (2010)
Little Quack and Waddle in an alphabet adventure!
Little Quack’s Opposites (2010)
Little Quack and Puddle in an up, down, over, under adventure!
Little Quack Bath Book (2006)
Waterproof edition of Little Quack, with detachable, inflatable duckling.
Little Quack Dial-a-Duck (2006)
Turn the dial and count the ducklings in this fun board book edition.