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Take a peek at my diary from when I was 10 years old – or bake a pie just like Papa does in The Apple Pie that Papa Baked. This stuff is just for fun.

A Peek at My Diary

my diaryWhen I was ten (back in 1973), my family went to live in the Netherlands for a year. As a good-bye gift, my 5th grade class gave me a diary. I was fond of it immediately – it was so lovely, and though it was small it had a nice heft. This became the first of dozens of diaries and journals that I’ve kept over the years.

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Watch a Book Being Born

first draftHere is my first draft of what became the book Polar Bear Night. I wrote it in pencil, on a spare piece of notebook paper.

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A Recipe for The Apple Pie that Papa Baked

laurenHere is a recipe I wrote to accompany my new book. And here I am with a pie that I baked using the recipe. Try it yourself!

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A Bedtime Story Video


A video of me reading Little Quack’s Bedtime!

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