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Here’s the place to find out about me and my life.

The Story of My Life (So Far)

Once upon a time, in 1962, I was born, and my parents named me Lauren Anne Stevens. I was their only child for about a year, and then my sister Carol was born. We lived in Oregon at that time. When I was three, we drove across the country to Massachusetts. My earliest memory comes from that trip: I remember seeing the colorfully lit signs of a motel or restaurant as we pulled into the parking lot after dark.

Lauren Anne, age 1, crib jumping champion. I used to bounce so hard that the crib would wiggle across the room.

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An Interview with Lauren Thompson

What do you like to write about?

I like to write about the way I remember responding to special times when I was a child. I like to try to recapture that feeling and share it with children today. Those special times include holidays, but also big moments like jumping into the pool even though I was afraid to, or the sparkling magic of a starlit winter night.

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